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CCE thermal inkjet; Ink-Jet printer for the application of variable data controlled via 7″ color touchscreen. Completely independent of a PC, you can use this printer to create print jobs and print them immediately. Printing can be done on a wide variety of base materials. For example, it can be printed on paper, cardboard, plastic and/or sheet metal. The system is controlled by the 7″ color touchscreen, on which you create the print jobs and layouts directly. The print jobs are stored internally in the system or simply on a USB stick. This gives you practically unlimited storage space. To import graphics (.jpg, .bmp), simply transfer them using a USB stick.


consisting of:
- Control unit 7" color touch screen
- fastening material
- Start sensor
- 1 printhead holder
- Connection and mains cables

TIJ inkjet printer with 1 printhead

SKU: 235.2000.00
  • Technical specifications

    resolution 90-600dpi
    speed up to 406 m/min
    print job length max 1000mm
    pressure altitude 12.7 or 25.4mm (1 inch), per printhead
    print data Date, BBD, text, logo, graphics, barcode, time, counter, shift codes
    print mode encoder or fixed speed
    input Start signal, encoder, data connection
    output ERROR Low Ink
    service 7" color touch screen
    connection USB, LAN
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